Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

Statement of Commitment

NextLevel Health (NLH) is committed to conducting its business with the highest level of integrity and in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws, regulations and standards. We make every effort to contract with Business Enterprise Program (BEP) vendors such that the goals for the Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) managed care BEP for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act are reflected.

NLH highly values the mission of HFS and Illinois Central Management Services to “ensure the accountable, efficient, transparent and effective delivery of a broad range of programs and services to state agencies, the Illinois business community, local governments, and the citizens of Illinois, while maintaining the lowest impact on taxpayer dollars.” NLH shares the commitment of the BEP “to help small and diverse businesses grow and prosper within the State of Illinois.” NLH continuously focuses on achieving its BEP Utilization Plan goal, ensuring access and opportunity for entrepreneurs through targeted procurement initiatives.

BEP Vendor Identification

As part of our BEP engagement process, NLH identifies major service categories and vendors to establish partnerships, including home health providers, home and community-based service providers, businesses providing marketing materials, translation services, information technology services, and branding/web services. Additional potential vendors will be identified through the growing network of NLH key stakeholders, including but not limited to community partners, staff, and current or previous BEP contractors, among others. NLH utilizes State of Illinois channels, primarily but not limited to Central Management Services, in order to appropriately invite additional potential vendors who might not otherwise be identified through the existing network of NLH.

Every effort is made to periodically update the categories of service areas that are an operational priority for NLH, and which will, in the aggregate, allow NLH to achieve its BEP Utilization Plan goal.

BEP Qualification Process

To qualify as a BEP, your business must be at least 51% owned and controlled by a minority or woman or designated as a disabled business. You must be a United States citizen or resident alien and your business must have an annual gross sale of less than $75 million. Once qualifications are met for securing a BEP, follow the three steps listed below.

NextLevel Health is committed to providing equal opportunity and access for small and diverse businesses to thrive in Illinois by partnering with them to secure goods and services.

BEP businesses interested in doing business with NLH should follow these simple steps:


Are you BEP certified by the State of Illinois? If not…
Please visit the CMS website below to learn how to become BEP certified: Click Here


Review the NLH List of Contractual Services to ensure the products and services provided by your BEP certified business is a required product and/or service for NLH, and complete the  Vendor Registration Form


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