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Posted June 27, 2018

Redetermination – Submitting a Form for Your Yearly Medicaid Eligibility

PDF: Redetermination Postcard

Are you are on Medicaid? Do you live in Illinois? If you answered “yes,” your benefits will be looked at every year. This is called “redetermination.”

This process helps the state to decide if you can keep getting benefits. To receive Medicaid here, you must live in Illinois. You also have to have less income than what is allowed under state law.

The Illinois Medicaid Redetermination Project (IMRP)
The IMRP will take care of your case. If you also receive SNAP or cash assistance, your DHS caseworker will be the one to help you.

When It Is Time for Redetermination
When it is time to review your case, you will get two letters from the IMRP:
• the first one reminds you of your review.
• the second one is a redetermination form.

This form helps you to keep your benefits. Please fill out the form and send it back to us. Is your situation the same? You still have to fill out the form and send it back.

Call 1-855-458-4945 if:
• you did not get a form in the mail.
• you lost the form and need a new one.
• your case was canceled because you did not complete the form.
• you want to restart the process, but you lost the form.

Was your case was canceled for any other reason than missing the due date? Please talk to your DHS caseworker.

The IMRP may ask you about different redeterminations. During the year, some situations change, such as:
• a child turns 19 and cannot qualify for All Kids group anymore.
• the youngest child in a family turns 18. Parents cannot be under Family Health Plans. This child could qualify for All Kids group.
• an adult receives Medicare.
• an adult turns 65.
• a former foster child turns 26.
• a refugee enters the US.

Redetermination Can Happen Anytime
It is very important that you keep your mailing address up to date so the IMRP can find you.

You will get a letter in the mail when your case is being redetermined. It will have the most recent information Illinois has for your case.

You will have to:
• provide proof of all of your income. If you have no income, write $0.
• return the form by the date it says on the form.

If you did not complete the form in time, please do not call the IMRP. Just finish the form and send it in.

Has any information changed? New address or income? Please send proof of that with the redetermination form. “Proof” means a utility bill with your new address or a paycheck stub. Be sure to write your name and your case number on all documents you send.

Where to Send Proof Documents
You can send your proof documents three ways:
Fax: 1-866-661-7025
Scan and upload documents to
Mail documents with your redetermination form in the postage-paid envelope to:
Illinois Medicaid Redetermination Project
P.O. Box 1242
Chicago, IL 60690-1242

Questions about Medicaid redetermination? Email [email protected]
Frequently asked questions are listed here:

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