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Posted September 25, 2019

NextLevel Health Partners, inc., wins an APEX award from the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans


The Medicaid-Managed Care Company Was Recognized for Improving Efficiency, Care Coordination and Readmission Rates by Partnering with Health-Tech Company PatientPing

CHICAGO – NextLevel Health Partners, Inc., a Medicaid managed care company in Illinois, received the Business and Operational Performance APEX award from the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans (IAMHP) at IAMHP’s Annual Conference last night. NextLevel Health was awarded for improving care coordination, efficiency and readmission rates through their innovative partnership with PatientPing, a health technology company that connects providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care.

“NextLevel Health is honored to receive the Business and Operational Performance APEX Award from the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans for our partnership with PatientPing,” says Dr. Cheryl Whitaker, CEO of NextLevel Health. “This partnership has enabled us to strengthen our care coordination efforts to ensure safe hospital to home transitions and encourage post-transition primary care visits.”

Through NextLevel Health’s partnership with PatientPing, coordinators are alerted whenever their Members have been admitted to a care facility so that NextLevel Health can support the safe discharge of their Members. The partnership allows NextLevel Health to overcome obstacles to communication with hospitals and facilitate care coordination with high risk membership.

Since partnering with PatientPing, readmission rates for NextLevel Health Members were reduced by nearly half and average length of stay was significantly reduced. NextLevel Health also witnessed a 40 percent improvement in post-hospital transition of care completion for behavioral health discharges after partnering with PatientPing.

“IAMHP congratulates NextLevel Health on this award and the opportunity to celebrate their innovation and commitment to improving healthcare outcomes,” said Samantha Old Frey,  Executive Director of the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans. “This is a wonderful example of the benefit of managed care to not only the entire Medicaid program but also to individual Medicaid members.”

Both NextLevel Health and PatientPing share a commitment to increasing accessibility to quality, affordable healthcare for the communities in which they serve. The innovative partnership between the two health technology organizations signifies an inventive, tech-centered approach to reducing barriers to efficient, cost-effective healthcare.

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About NextLevel Health Partners, Inc.:
NextLevel Health is a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) accredited health plan serving Cook County residents with Medicaid and for Cook County residents in the Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program (Medicare and Medicaid). NextLevel Health Partners provides services to Medicaid recipients as a participating member of HealthChoice Illinois, the state’s Medicaid managed care program. NextLevel Health Partners, Inc. assists in coordinating your care with a deeper understanding of you, your community, and your health, one-on-one, right in your own community. NextLevel Health Partners best serves their community by increasing access to health care, building strong partnerships in the neighborhoods they serve and by understanding important local issues.

About Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans:

As a member organization for the Medicaid managed care health plans, Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans works with the Illinois state government, legislators, advocacy groups and Medicaid patients to invest in and provide high-quality health care focused on cost-effective, individualized care that helps the residents of Illinois live longer and healthier lives.