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Posted October 22, 2018

NextLevel Health Partners, Inc., Announces Partnership With NowPow To Improve The Health Outcomes Of Residents Across Cook County

NextLevel Health Partners, Inc., a Medicaid managed care company, today announced an innovative partnership with NowPow, a Chicago-based health technology company, to better manage and address the social determinants that impact the health and wellness of residents across Cook County. NextLevel Health coordinators will use NowPow e-prescription methods as a way to deliver personalized community resources based on factors such as patient conditions, address, age, gender and preferred language.

“Quality healthcare is influenced by numerous social determinants that doctors have no control of, and that reality impedes the care that they can provide,” says Dr. Cheryl Whitaker, CEO of NextLevel Health. “This partnership will empower our staff and physicians to provide even better, more targeted care to patients who need it.”

“This tool allows our care coordinators to understand the available resources in the community that each patient comes from,” says Dr. Dianna Grant, Chief Medical Officer of NextLevel Health. “It empowers them to understand, in real time, what resources every member has access to so they can direct them to the right place. This level of insight and customization has the power to transform health care for all of our members.”

NowPow utilizes data analytics to create a complete community resource directory that connects people to high-quality community resources that help address their chronic health and social conditions. NowPow, a women-owned and women-led technology company headquartered in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, powers communities with critical knowledge of how to manage disease and improve total community health. The company is built on the scientific research of founder Dr. Stacy Lindau, who pioneered the idea of an e-prescribing community that connects healthcare to self-care. From stress management and smoking cessation to fitness classes and family planning, NowPow’s multi-sided referral platform makes it easy to leverage data and turn it into actionable insight.

“NowPow is excited to partner with NextLevel Health to embed personalized, high-quality, hyper-local referrals into their managed care model,” says Rachel Kohler, NowPow’s CEO. “NextLevel Health is an ideal partner as we continue to innovate to improve population health outcomes. As one of few South Side-based tech companies, we are galvanized by the opportunity to work with a partner who shares our commitment to hiring from the communities we live and work in.”

NextLevel Health offers a cloud-based health information technology (HIT) system that allows users to see their health information, health profile, medications, doctor’s visits and tests, as well as provides access to health education, including videos and articles. Both NextLevel Health and NowPow share a commitment to hiring from within the communities in which they serve. The innovative partnership between the two socially minded health technology organizations represents an inventive approach to eradicating both medical and social ills using technology.

About NextLevel Health Partners, Inc.: 
NextLevel Health is a managed care health plan for Cook County residents with Medicaid and for Cook County residents in the Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program (Medicare and Medicaid). NextLevel Health Partners, Inc. assists in managing and coordinating your care with a deeper understanding of you, your community, and your health, one-on-one, right in your own community. NextLevel Health Partners best serves their community by increasing access to health care, building strong partnerships in the neighborhoods they serve and by understanding important local issues.

About NowPow: 
NowPow equips hospitals, healthcare centers, and community organizations with the ability to provide after-visit “e-prescriptions” for nearby vital resources that are important for health and wellbeing. NowPow’s microtargeted resources empower healthcare providers to offer a greater level of care with the potential for improved health outcomes.