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Posted June 27, 2018

Healthcare Innovations That Address The 5 Pillars Of Poverty

Good health is a core pillar of wellbeing in every society, as legislators on both sides of the aisle realized when it came time to vote on the Trump administration’s healthcare package last week.  Yet even with affordable care, access to health care is elusive for many disadvantaged Americans, as The Atlantic reported this week in “The Collapse of the White Working Class.”  Improving health in underserved communities is significantly more complicated than simply expanding access to healthcare providers and facilities.

For healthcare innovators to truly serve disadvantaged communities and improve access to health care, it is critical to recognize the roles that four other significant pillars of wellbeing play in shaping their lives. These are employment, housing, education and transportation, and not surprisingly, weakness in one pillar–or as is often the case, several–creates challenges across every facet of life. Click here for full article: Full Article- Huffington Post