Living Healthy

If you want to stay healthy, you need to make good choices. Things like regular checkups and making doctor appointments can keep you well. You can also do simple things like drinking more water, walking in your neighborhood with a friend, or relaxing with meditation. If you still smoke, do your best to quit. Think about what you eat every day. Even small changes can make a big difference. If you have questions about how to live healthier, we can help.

Begin by Understanding

One of our biggest challenges is people who have been ill for a long time. We can talk about your situation and suggest the right resources. Your Care Management Team can answer any questions. They can help to set up home health services, too.

Your Health Assessment

A health assessment asks about you and your family. Answer the questions honestly. Your answers help us to know you better. For example, if cancer runs in your family, we can schedule a cancer screening.

Get started

Continuing the Journey

Good health is more important as you get older. Think of your life as a journey. There are many “stops” along the way. We can answer questions and help you find the right services. We care about you and your health – at every age.

Managing Your Health

We can suggest ways to feel and live better every day. Contact your Care Management Team.

Healthy Eating and Recipes

Living healthy means more than a diet. Our Care Management Team can answer your questions about exercise and can help with good food choices.

Exercise and Activities

Regular exercise can help your overall health. It can also protect you from other health problems. Our Care Management Team can find local exercise options for you and can answer any questions you have.

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