Enrollee Advisory Committee

What is the Enrollee Advisory Committee?

NextLevel Health has established an Enrollee Advisory Committee (EAC). The purpose of the committee is to be responsive to the needs of our members and the community. The committee will be comprised of seven individuals from the community and members of NextLevel Health. The committee meets four times a year to discuss any issues members may have with the health plan to improve our organization.

Purpose of the EAC?

The Enrollee Advisory Committee (EAC) will have the authority to:

  • Identify and present member concerns
  • Make suggestions to NLH regarding healthcare access and provider services
  • Provide feedback to proposed changes in plan policies and procedures which affect Members

Your responsibility as a stakeholder is to:

  • Provide input on NLH network, community, and healthcare for our Members
  • Advocate on behalf of members, healthcare, and social service providers
  • Help improve the health plan outcomes
  • Contributing to NLH Cultural Competency plan

How do I Join?

We ask that you attend all meetings to allow for positive outcomes. We will be mindful of your time and busy schedules. If you would like to join, please call 833-ASK-NLHP (833-275-6547) to speak with an associate. Members who attend the EAC meetings are eligible for a gift card and free transportation to and from the meeting location.