How we care

We respect your needs and the needs of your health care providers. We know how hard it can be to manage your health care. We can meet you

  1. at your home
  2. at your doctor’s office
  3. at your clinic
  4. at the emergency room
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Who we serve

NextLevel Health is a managed care health plan for Cook County residents with Medicaid and for Cook County residents in the Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program (Medicare and Medicaid), including

  1. Seniors age 65 and over
  2. People with disabilities age 19 and over
  3. Adults ages 19-64 without dependent children under age 19
  4. Families and children who qualify for Medicaid
  5. View our locations map and eligibility chart to see if NextLevel Health is the right plan for you.
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What we provide

We help establish, maintain, and increase access to personalized healthcare services in the areas we serve through our ongoing, active, and compassionate presence.


Our Care Management Teams have years of experience in health care.

FREE Services

Our Members pay nothing to receive covered health care benefits. Medicaid covers the costs. NextLevel Health has no copays.


Our Care Management Teams work in many neighborhoods.

Secure Online Access

We’ve teamed up with Envolve Pharmacy Solutions to give you access to your pharmacy benefit information located at


We work with medical providers who already offer local health care services.

living healthy

Living Healthy

Living healthy means more than just a diet. Our Care Management Team can answer your questions about exercise and can help with good food choices.

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